Waimano Pool

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Waimano Pool - A Nice Family Hike with Waterfall and Swim Hole at the End Waimano Pool is located at the end of Pacific Palisades in Pearl City. This is a good hike for first time hikers with average fitness level. It is challenging enough, but not too hard.
The pool and waterfall at the end is a most rewarding treat for a job well done, but don't forget the hike out. The hike is long enough to provide a nice cardio workout, you need careful balance in certain areas as you traverse up and down muddy slopes and short rock faces, and you enjoy the beautiful waterfall and a cool refreshing swim or cliff jumping at the end. A family with kids older than 7 could manage as long as the parents are steady footed and experienced enough to help the child navigate with some of the steep areas.

This is one of those trails where I would recommend either a hiking book or going with someone who knows the trail. There are a few forks in the trail so you could end up taking the wrong path and end up who knows where. Be prepared for rain.
Photos by Baron Yamamoto - Click Photos to see Enlargement
After the paved portion in the beginning the trail, it turns into rooted terrain. The trail contains many forks along this area before the steep downhill so have good directions.
This is what we call "Heart Attack Hill". You hike down this hill going to the pool, but have to climb it coming back out. Its not too bad if you take it slow. The many roots on the ground makes it easier to climb.
After Heart Attack Hill, its narrow muddy trails the rest of the way.
Ropes are provided in some areas for assistance.
Watch for another fork in the trail as you approach the pool. If you miss it, you will eventually hit an open campground near a stream.
Trail opens up for a short while near the end. You can start to the hear the roaring waterfall.
We made it! The waterfall at one of the 3 pools.
Nice blue water in the bottom pool. Its deep enough to jump into.
Cruising at the end.
Ready to make like Tarzan!
Nothing like a refreshing swim after a long hike.
Strolling around the pools.
Rocks can be slippery. Be careful. But she's one tough mama.
Baron the hiking trail guide.
Heading back home.
Baron: "To My BFF, I gotchu AGAIN!!!!!HEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!"
Date: July 11, 2010
Weather: Sunny, Dry
Hikers: Baron Yamamoto, Shelly Rubio, Charisse Rubio, Alyssa Gakiya, Brenton Lau,
Jocelyn Lau, Kelsie Papp, Christian Papp, Byron Tagoshi.

Waimano Pool Hiking Notes:

This is a good hike for first time hikers. It is challenging enough, but not too hard. And the pool at the end is a most rewarding treat for a job well done. But don't forget the hike out.

PLEASE DON'T LITTER!!!!! This place is getting popular and I've noticed more and more rubbish being left at the pool. So please hike out all your rubbish so that we can keep the pool as nice as possible.

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