Scooped Out Brains Hike - a.k.a......
DATE: March 28, 1997
WEATHER: very hot, clear, windy, slight showers
HIKERS: Daryn Ohta, Grant Tokumi, David Koseki

Pictures by Daryn, David, and Grant


Around a quarter way into the hike, we met up with this irritating steel fence. We assumed the purpose of the fence was to keep goats out of the inner parts of the valley. The fence followed the trail all the way to just about the very end of the hike. It had its good and bad points. It was most disappointing because the site of this ugly fence really distracted us from much of the natural beauty on the hike. It was also bad because it sat right in the middle of the already narrow ridge, so we were forced to be even closer to the edge than we needed to be, and had to climb over the fence numerous times when the opposing side presented a better walking surface. The good point was that the fence always gave something to hold on to when needed. Some parts of the ridge was very narrow, and the ground was also very crumbly, so the fence gave a sense of security when crossing those dangerous areas.

Grant and Daryn taking a short break after some steep climbing at the beginning portion of the hike.

This picture was taken maybe a third of the way into the hike. You can see the trail ridge with the fence sitting on top of it. Kaena Point can be seen far in the distance, and the rest is the Waianae coast and the outer parts of Makua Valley. The valley is a military range.

We found this nice dried up waterfall carved into the mountain in one of the mini valleys. It would have looked very nice if it was flowing.

We spotted goats numerous times, and for most of the hike, we could hear the goats and birds laughing at us because we couldn't walk (or fly) as fast as they could. They usually kept their safe distance from us, but at one area, the fence prevented them from running away and allowed us to get closer to take this picture of them. It looks like a mother goat (brown) and her little baby goat (black).

(LEFT) - Daryn celebrating our 4.5 hour trek to the summit.

(RIGHT) - An out of perspective vertical panoramic shot made from 3 pictures. I'm actually standing on the edge of a fairly steep drop. The bottom picture is looking straight down at my feet, the top picture is looking straight out towards the Makaha and Waianae area.

That mountain is Mt. Ka`ala, the highest peak on Oahu.

Group shot from the summit before our return trip. From left to right: Grant, Daryn, and David.

Hiking along the narrow ridge with assistance from the fence.

Another nice view of the Waianae coastline.

A nice shot of Ohikilolo in the late afternoon sun. We were a little worried that we may be hiking in the dark (with no flashlights), but we made it out just in time before the sun went down.

The hike took 8.5 to 9 hours to complete. Its very hot so take plenty and plenty and plenty of water. There were some scary areas, but it wasn't as bad or dangerous as I was expecting this hike to be. The rocks were very crumbly so don't trust any rock, even the bigger ones when climbing up walls. Its a very long hike, but the views at the summit is spectacular and well worth the effort to get there.

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