Date: April 6, 1996

Weather: sunny, no wind
Genard Garcia
John Takeuchi
Kamal Pope
Maya Kawaguchi
Grant Tokumi


2nd waterfall

Happy Hikers

Looking up at a portion of the 3rd waterfall

Looking down at another portion of the 3rd waterfall. Genard is shown climbing the sides.

Maya and John mountain climbing. The big tree down below the waterfall (around a quarter way down the picture) is probably where the bottom of this 3rd waterfall is.

Views in the Crater.

Views in the Crater.

Views in the Crater.

Views in the Crater. This picture was taken from the next ridge (Lanipo Hike) a few years back.

Another group shot at the rim of the crater.

Looking into the back of the valley from the trail.

See more pictures of Ka'au Crater here. These pictures were taken by Kevyn.

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