DATE: July 6, 1997
WEATHER: sunny, clear, slight winds,
HIKERS: Daryn, Grant, David, Matt, Willy

Photos taken and scanned by Daryn


Making our way to the stairs.


Tried to pick some mountain apples on the tree, but was too high. We were also checking out the welt actions on our legs from all the mosquitoes feasting on our blood. Took a group photo, and we're off to the "Stairway to Heaven".

STAIR #400

Feeling the burn in our legs already. It starts to get very steep and we are gaining elevation fast. Makes you appreciate switchbacks. The first missing section can barely be seen towards the top of the picture where the railings turn more solid white color. The missing section is replaced by a temporary ladder, an excellent ladder I must add, made out of rope, aluminum steps, and pvc pipes.

A deep gulch to the left of us. Don't want to fall down that.

Only some parts are a bit grown over like this. The stairs are in excellent shape considering how old it is.

A nice view of the H3 Hirano (sp?) Tunnel.

STAIR #1800

We reach a flat plateau area. Good to take a break and take some pictures. You can see the Olomana triple peaks towards the left. Somewhere around here, there is another missing section with a temporary ladder. I forget if its before or after this area.

Continuing up the stairs after our break at the plateau. We're doing the Reggae Train.

STAIR #2800

At the top of the picture, you can see a shack with one of those anchors for the cables that stretches across the valley. I believe those cables support longwave antennas used to track submarines.

STAIR #2900

Making our way to a satellite dish area. You can see this from the main highway when you look up at the Koolaus.

STAIR #3000

We reached the top! (if the satellite dish place is indeed the top). It was quite windy and chilly up there. While we was chomping down our Zip Packs and relaxing, Daryn decided to check out part of a trail that continued on the other side. That's where this picture was taken.

Making our way back. Views of Kaneohe area.

See more pictures of Haiku Stairs here. These pictures were taken by Jarrod Kinoshita.

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Personal Notes

Feb 3, 1998
Revisited the stairs with John. Weather was perfect, very dry, no clouds, cool. Start of the log of Hirano Tunnel pictures taken from the first platform.