DATE: January 30, 1998
WEATHER: cold, dark, dirty


Climbing down the 100ft ladder into the bunker.

We reach the pipe platform at the bottom of the ladder. It is pitch black down there so flashlights are required.

The place is HUGE! You can easily get lost if you don't know where you are going. There are lots of hallways like these and tons of rooms to explore.

We reached the "War Room" with some maps still intact from the days of WWII. The flourescent light hanging above were in pretty good shape. There was no electricity in there of course.

Where do you want to nuke today?

General's Quarters. He had his own personal toilet and shower. The white tiles on the wall really helped deaden the sounds in that particular room.

We reached a very long driveway where vehicles could drive through.

Along the sides of the driveway were bunk beds, perfect for taking a break during our tour.

A very large room. I forget what it was used for.

These pictures make it appear like the area was lit, but it was very dark. My camera flash did a wonderful job at lighting up the place.

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